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Music is genuine expression of the mind

Posted: January 18, 2018 in Band

A-Badman2Who is Badman Caesar and why the name?

My name is Ojodale John, and I am from Kogi State, from Igala. So I’m proudly an Igala native. I am popularly called Badman Ceaser but you can just call me Caesar.

On why the name, at a point every individual come up with a name, something spectacular that would stand them out. For me, it used to be Caesar. My other name is Julius. So Caesar came out of Julius. Caesar is a king and I am from a royal lineage. My father is called the lion, so I am called the young lion. Putting the Badman is just to make it a little spectacular to standout

At what point did you venture into music?

I have been doing music since I was nine. I was always going to rehearsal with my mom, before you know I was in the choir singing and playing drums. I started playing drums as the youngest kid in the choir in my church, Living Faith, which I attended from 1999 to 2006 before we moved, and then I started attending another church. At that time, it was usually like, where is this boy, come and play the drums. That’s everybody story anyway. All that happened in Yobe. I continued when we moved to Abuja. When I turned 17, I knew I could sing well; I started doing little bit of singing at local events, and then went to school.

The passion made way for me. In school a friend had heard me singing and felt we should go to the studio and do some recording because I play guitar as well. My first guitar was a gift on my 18th birthday. Gradually, I became the 2face of ABU; I was always the headliner at every show on campus. There was no show you wouldn’t see me. Before I know it, I started getting shows from Kaduna, Kano and Abuja and that was it.

What kind of music do you do?

I am an all rounder; the only thing I don’t do is rap. I tried to rap but it doesn’t flow, so I stick to what I can. I do variety of music; I can wake up today and do reggae. I see music as a genuine expression of the mind. The mood also affect the individual, so when you are in good mood you tend to write good stuff and when you are in a bad mood, like when a girl breaks your heart you tend to write it. That is how it works with me. I try to keep away from things that affect me negatively, keep a positive vibe because of music. Basically, I do Afro, R&B, Reggae and Pop.

Any album so far?

No album yet, but I am still working on some song. I wouldn’t call it an album because I want to drop them in singles to see how far they can go. I have a couple of songs online including a Peace Song I did in 2013. The song went viral and that was the song that took me to the presidential villa. I performed there and I went on a tour with Press Play Nigeria o about 24 higher institutions and was awarded a Peace Ambassador. I never knew that song would take me that far. I was just at home one day and they called me, since I was in Abuja, I decided to go for the peace concert. There were prices for people to win. I just did my song and when I got to the peak of the song I realized that everybody was clapping. I never saw that song as a song that would make everybody clap. The concert was put together by 2Face Vote Not Fight Initiative.

What are you trying to do different from other artistes?

I am putting so many stuffs together just to get to where I am going. I know it is not going to be easy, and at some point I felt like giving up. All I am doing now is to focus on my career, which I believe will get me to where I am going.

What are your plans like for the next three years?

I have a big dream that kind of get me scared. What I see is too big, so trying to explain it is difficult. But in one word I see a star in the next three years. The world would know about me and where I come from because where I come from is very significant. Everybody talks about the minority; we are minor but very major because without Kogi you can’t cross to the East and to South; you can’t cross to the West or come from the other end to the north. I believe in Africa so much that in the next three years, people would be hearing about Africa in a different way

What is your take on the development of Nigerian music industry and challenges face by upcoming artiste like you?

On a scale of 100, I will put the Naija music industry on 60 per cent. The reason is that the entertainment industry right now requires money, which makes it difficult for people like us who are trying to come up to be heard. I have a video, which I am struggling to push on TV because it is capital intensive. South Africa has a more organised sector. People record and drop songs online with ease and as they are downloaded, it generate fund for the artiste. My song is on MTN music plus, I have fought severally to be paid but nothing is working. The other issue is that if not Lagos, the music industry does not really sell anywhere. Other regions are still trying to catch up. I must appreciate people and stations that have been supporting despite the situation. I have lost friends; friends have turned to enemies. Financial challenges are there. No record is willing and ready to make commitment to upcoming artistes. I am not signed to any label now, so I am open to business. The day I will get signed to a serious record label that will turn my career around and be the happiest day of my life.

So what do you really think needs to be change for the industry to be better positioned?

There should be strict copyright laws. Artists survive basically on shows because as soon as the song is out people just duplicate it. Government needs to listen to the plight of the sector; the industry has brought and it is still bringing revenue to government. Entertainment and agriculture were voted sustainers of the Nigerian economy and that is already happening. There should be platform that encourages young entertainers to thrive.


A team from Charnwood Lodge on Annan Road have been helping residents who are living with the chronic disorder to connect with their past using meaningful music.

Dumfries care home staff have got a sound idea for dementia patients.

A team from Charnwood Lodge on Annan Road have been helping residents who are living with the chronic disorder to connect with their past using meaningful music .

And now they are appealing for people to help with the Playlist for Life initiative by donating unused listening devices including old Apple Ipods .

Support worker Linda Irving said: “Playlist for Life has had such a wonderful effect on the people we support, we have seen such a change in them when we play them songs connected to their past.

“We involve families and friends to make sure the music we use is a personal playlist specific to them and it is just amazing to see their reactions.”

She added: “We’re asking if anyone out there has any unwanted Ipods, phones or old personal CD players, anything we can play music on, to please donate them and help us reach as many people as we can.”

The care home has collaborated with charity Playlist for Life to deliver the pioneering scheme.

Founded in 2013 by Scottish journalist Sally Magnusson, whose late mother suffered from dementia, the voluntary organisation works with person-centred care groups to promote the theory that response to music is not destroyed by the condition.

Studies have found that access to specific and memorable songs and compositions evokes memories and helps to alleviate dementia symptoms such as anxiety and agitation, while improving awareness, ability to think and helping develop a sense of identity and independence.

It is thought a widespread introduction of the simple, low-cost intervention will provide long term benefits for the national economy and wider society.

Linda added: “It’s a great idea, we are encouraging people to donate to any care homes in the region, not just us, so that even more people can benefit.”

New Technology of Music

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Music
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Have you experienced holding a guitar or any musical instruments? Do you know something about it aside from its being a musical instrument? Do you know how to play it? Or have you asked a friend to tutor you and yet you see yourself so upset because you can’t still figure out how it goes?

For an instance, there is this digital piano that lights its teeth up while playing a recorded music piece. The user will just have to press the keys that light and in an instant – he can now play a music piece with his high-tech keyboard. It is no wonder how these gadgets brought an enormous impact to the music industry!

For those who have just acquired the interest in music as well as for those who have been music enthusiasts for quite a long time, you should not worry anymore! There are abundant resources available in the present that can be used to learn music easily.

Afar from the traditional way of teaching music which is purely theoretical, it evolves from a complex approach to a more practical type. Such happens with the help of the advanced technology.

It is also true that the Internet can also be one of the helpful music teaching resources at the present. One can simply know more about the latest gadgets, updated inputs and much innovation by just browsing the net with some few clicks. That surely makes such easy access to music teaching resources. Now, isn’t it really amazing?

Consequently, there are new trends of teaching and learning music as well as those musical instruments. One is by utilizing advanced music teaching gadgets, which are considered as some of the most useful music teaching resources nowadays.

The web or the Internet is highly regarded as an effective medium to provide a wide scope of information in almost any subjects. It is renowned globally for it caters to the need of everyone especially in terms of communication and research. Undoubtedly, it is another functional music teaching resource; certainly, something that music educators can exploit with when it comes to obtaining music teaching strategies.

Most music teaching resources in the recent past such as books and fellow music teachers seem to be just references while these new advanced ones are combined ‘references’ with great ‘advantages’ and accessibility.

On the other light, students can learn music and other related matters on their own. They can surely enjoy music more while learning it with interactive activities online. As they put in their full attention into it and be able to give in time and effort, these kinds of innovative activities truly promote both rational and creative thinking.

With this channel, burden in teaching is almost eliminated or lessened by web and online venture on the part of music educators. As a result, they can easily download activities, quizzes, and games to be used as their teaching instruments and techniques – unlike before when they needed to improvise on their own.

The new technology of music – teaching and learning – is definitely more effective than those conventional ones.