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Sigh. This news is so sad you might want to embrace yourself by putting on an old Adele album and grabbing a box of tissue. Although we got our hopes up earlier this year when it seemed like the singer was teasing a new album, her label XL has dashed those dreams.

Back in May, on the eve of her 26th birthday, Adele tweeted this silly selfie along with the cryptic line “Bye bye 25… See you again later in the year x.”

Considering her last two albums were called 19 and 21, that basically spelled out that another album called 25 was on the way, right!? Wrong.

The New York Times reports that the label’s recent financial report, that was filed in Britain on Thursday (October 9), revealed the news by way of a single sentence:

“There will not be a further new release by Adele during 2014 and consequently there will be a fall in XL’s turnover and profits.”


Don’t worry, though, the company still netted a cool $15 million off the strength of releases from their other acts like Vampire Weekend and The xx. The label also noted in their report that a big part of their sales in 2013 came from Adele’s back catalogue.

Her last release, 21, did sell over 25 million copies, so no wonder their profits are taking a hit. As for our hearts, we’ll have to languish on, longing for more lovely, heartbreaking songs. If you really need something to tide you over, check out these unreleased tracks from 21 that hit the internet last month.


Lucy Liu – the Popular Chinese American Actress

Lucy Alexis Liu or more popularly known as Lucy Liu is the Chinese American actress who has earned fame for her television series Ally McBeal (1998-2002) along with a number of roles in popular Hollywood movies. Born on December 2, 1968 in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York, Lucy Liu showed talent in acting since her childhood days.

Though became very popular for the various television series, Lucy Liu has also been able to make a mark on the Hollywood film industry with some of the quality performances that include her performances in the films like Kill Bill and Charlie’s Angels etc. She is one of the popular Hollywood female actors of the current times.

The Early Days

Lucy Liu is a daughter of Taiwanese immigrant parents who father was a civil engineer and mother a biochemist in Taiwan. But they moved from the Taiwan to United States. Lucy Liu was admitted to Joseph Pulitzer Middle School and later was graduated from the prestigious Stuyvesant High School in New York in 1986.

Later on, Lucy Liu graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Asian Languages and Culture from University of Michigan. The Career

Lucy Liu started her acting career in 1989. While studying in the University of Michigan, she started appearing for various auditions to make her career in acting.

During that time, Lucy Liu managed to get a role in the university’s production of Alice in Wonderland. After that, Lucy Liu started getting various small roles in films and television which include the Hell Money episode of The X-Files and The March to Freedom episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

Then came the much awaited breakthrough role on Ally McBeal which turned her career graph in a different direction. This work also earned her an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. It also earned some other recognition as well.

In the year 2000, Lucy Liu acted in a film named Charlie’s Angels, along with famous actors like Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz.

The film was a huge hit and instantly gave her the much awaited popularity. In 2003, she again acted in the sequel Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, which became a hit once again. Besides these, Lucy Liu also acted in several Hollywood films like Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever, Kill Bill, Lucky Number Slevin, Code Name:

The Cleaner, Watching the Detectives etc. Hollywood is the place where one is able to see the convergence of some of the world’s finest actors. Numerous English movies are made in this world out of which the Hollywood movies are widely acknowledged as some of the best.

In different parts of the world the movie goers await the release of many of the films of the popular female Hollywood actors like Meg Ryan, Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, etc. The details of the movies of Meg Ryan and about Hollywood are mentioned below which the readers could check out.

When you take a look at her resume, it seems Lucy Liu is missing a certain vulnerability in her choice of roles. First gaining fame as the vicious Ling on the once popular dramedy Ally Mcbeal, Liu then leapt onto the big screen with a prolific range of roles.

She played the action heroine in Charlie’s Angels, the femme fatale in Cypher, the heartless assassin in Kill Bill: Volume 1, the murderess in Chicago and the dominatrix in Payback. One thing her work isn’t missing is a sense of power. In an industry still dominated by men, Liu has refused to settle into the groove that many of her peers have settled into. No rom-coms as yet.

In her new film however, Liu has gone for something completely different. She stars in 3 Needles, an earnest new drama about the AIDS pandemic. The film is split into three chapters and Liu headlines the first as a black-market blood seller who unwittingly ends up infecting a small village with the virus. It’s a project three years in the making, with writer/director Thom Fitzgerald at the helm.

The film is being released on World AIDS Awareness day and Liu believes it’s an important film for people to see. ‘People will suddenly understand that AIDS and HIV is not something specific to drug addicts or to the gay community’ Liu believes ‘I think it’s much more universal than that and that it’s happening not just to adults but to children. It gives you facts without hitting you over the head’.

Contained in the movie are many highly emotional scenes, especially for Liu. ‘It’s actually amazing because as exhausted as you are emotionally, you feel so light and free afterwards’ Liu states ‘You’ve somehow participated in whatever Thom’s vision is. Thom has a great sense of humor so even if we’re shooting something very dramatic on set he makes sure we’re well taken care of’.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s romance has been on cloud nine and even in the media; their love has been projected with oomph and vigor. The whole paparazzi are always after the due to get the grabs to put on the publications.

Well, the couple initially hid their romance from the public and media but some months back, Justin took the lead and let the world know that they were in love when in Jakarta (Indonesia), he planted his lips on Gomez’s wet lips during a press conference.

Now they are officially lovers. Well, now Bieber has revealed that he is in utter love with girlfriend Gomez.

He confessed his love for Gomez in an interview,

“I wouldn’t be with somebody if I wasn’t in love. Everybody can see she is hot and that’s great, but there is so much more to her than that. She makes me laugh and she puts up with my practical jokes. We were both raised by our mums in single-parent households, and that’s given us a lot of the same family values in life.”

Justin also told that their hectic schedule does not allow them to spend some quality time together but they try to do the normal things.

Bieber has also mentioned that by the time he turns 25, he would tie the knot.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been going through and enjoying the romantic link up these days. The reports say that Selena has been registering the good impact on Bieber’s personality. With her, Justin is learning a lot like Selena has made him learn how to cope with the paparazzi. Since Justin has had many difficult encounters with the paparazzi in the past, Selena is helping him fully to learn coping with the media.

A close source reveals, “Yes, Justin can get testy at times, but who wouldn’t considering he is hounded by the paparazzi and other media types 24/7. Remember, he’s just a kid and, I think, is extremely mature for someone his age.”

The source further told that Selena was teaching Justin utterly about dealing with the media since she knew this game.

Selena Gomez recently has revealed that she finds it completely weird that a section of Justin’s fans wants her dead.

Selena Gomez does not recognize the media obsession with her and Justin Bieber’s friendship.

The 18-year-old, who has in the past kept on pictured having hands wid the singer, said that she thinks it is “awesome” that consumers are intrigued but insisted the they are nothing more than friends.

She imparted upon Access Hollywood: “I love him. He’s continued in my life a exceptionally for a long while time. He’s my friend.

“I think it’s awesome people are interested – I don’t understand why.”

Gomez as well admitted so she had no plans to spend Valentine’s Day with Bieber.

She said: “I’m remarkably supposed to be making an effort all day, so my Valentine should be my fans.”

Justin Bieber and his gorgeous and sexy girlfriend Selena Glomez were spotted kissing rather locking lips during a recent press joining in Indonesia. The link up of the two stars has been in air since long rather for last many months and both have also been spotted together getting cozy to each other.

Justin was earlier found exploring Selena’s body parts and now in a press conference, he went bold and kissed her.

Both have been maintaining silence on their relationship until Selena admitted that her rapport with Bieber was much complicated last week.

Justin too had talked something about her romantic side in a talk show in New Zealand, “I think that an important thing in my life is dating around and having some sort of a personal life.”

He was there in Indonesia with girlfriend Selena Gomez for the promotion of his ‘My Word’ tour. And the video of the press conference in which he kissed Selena has also been out now.

After hugging Gomez, he placed his arm around her shoulders the moment photographer clicked the pictures.

Why would you wanna break a perfectly good heart?

Why would you wanna take our love and tear it all apart,now?

Why would you wanna make the very first scar?

Why would you wanna break a perfectly good heart?

Maybe I should’ve seen the signs, should’ve read the writing on the wall.

And realized by the distance in your eyes that I would be the one to fall.

No matter what you say, I still can’t believe

That you would walk away.

It don’t make sense to me, but:

[Repeat Chorus 1:]

Why would you wanna break a perfectly good heart?

Why would you wanna take our love and tear it all apart, now?

Why would you wanna make the very first scar?

Why would you wanna break a perfectly good heart?

It’s not unbroken anymore.

How do I get it back the way it was before?

[Chorus 2:]

Why would you wanna break a perfectly good heart?

Why would you wanna take our love and tear it all apart,now?

Why would you wanna make the very first scar?

Why would you wanna break, would you wanna break a:

[Repeat Chorus 1:]

Why would you wanna break a perfectly good heart?

Why would you wanna take our love and tear it all apart, now?

Why would you wanna make the very first scar?

Why would you wanna break a perfectly good heart?


Faithful fans of Alt.Latino will remember our trip to Colombia last year, in which we traveled throughout the country and dedicated several shows to its rich variety of music. We met and interviewed and recorded artists and bands from Aterciopelados to Joe Arroyo. If you haven’t heard it, please check it out — it’s like a virtual musical adventure.

Hace mucho que hemos querido hacer algo parecido con Brasil, un país que nos fascina por su increíble variedad musical. Decidimos invitar a nuestro programa al productor Beco Dranoff (que trabaja para la organización Red Hot y ha producido artistas de renombre como Marcelo D2 y Bebel Gilberto) para explorar la música nueva que esta naciendo en Brasil.

For a long time we’ve been wanting to do something similar with Brazil, a country that fascinates us with its incredible musical variety. So we’ve decided to pair up with Brazilian superproducer Beco Dranoff (he curates for the Red Hot Organization and has worked with artists like Marcelo D2 and Bebel Gilberto) to explore some of the most exciting new sounds coming out of that country today.

Our two-part series starts Wednesday, but we’re giving you a sneak peek on Weekend Edition Sunday. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Esta serie comienza el miércoles, pero vamos a darles un adelanto en el programa Weekend Edition Sunday. Y esto es solo una pequeña parte del gran panorama musical brasilero.

Nuestros fieles oyentes se acordarán que recientemente viajamos por toda Colombia, e hicimos varios programas dedicadoes a la increíble variedad de música que existe en ese país. Conocimos, entrevistamos y grabamos artistas y bandas como Aterciopelados y Joe Arroyo. Si todavía no han escuchado esa serie, se las recomiendo- es una aventura musical.

Es imposible hablar sobre todos los artistas nuevos de Brasil en un solo programa, pero para eso contamos con ustedes, nuestros oyentes. ¿Cuéntenos, que música brasilera nueva han escuchado últimamente?

Nos pueden dejar dicho en la sección para comentarios.

It’s impossible to cover every new artist in Brazil in just two shows — which is why we’re counting on you, our listeners, to clue us in as to what new Brazilian music you’re excited about. Tell us in the comments below!



Nicki Minaj’s daily wardrobe may seem like she’s celebrating Halloween every day, however, it’s just part of the woman she is. While some may think she’ll just don another one of her crazy get-ups for the forthcoming ghoulish holiday, as witnessed during New York Fashion Week 2011, she has another idea in store.

The ‘Pink Friday’ creator revealed her costume choice while speaking with Ryan Seacrest during his radio show on Friday (Sept. 23). “Maybe I should dress up as a girl dressing up as Nicki Minaj. Maybe I just don’t get it quite right that day. I don’t know,” the multi-colored wig-wearing MC stated before she announced her true Halloween attire. “No! You know who I’m gonna dress up as? I’m gonna dress up as Lil Wayne.”

The Queens native performed at iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas on Saturday (Sept. 24). Dressed in a corseted, ballerina-like dress, Minaj wore a blonde curly wig and rocked a pink chicken wing necklace, all a part of her Harajuku style, while rhyming ‘Super Bass’ and ‘Moment For Life.’

Next month, the rap star will announce the nominees, alongside Pitbull, for the 2011 American Music Awards on Oct. 11.

As reported by The BoomBox, Nicki Minaj sent fashionistas and loyal fans into hysterics on Thursday evening (Sept. 8) when she celebrated Fashion’s Night Out in New York City. The ‘Pink Friday’ creator held court at the Giuseppe Zanotti store decked out in an Asian-influenced dress and black coif to match.

The Queens native smiled and put on her signature quirky faces while posing with designer shoes as well as Giuseppe Zanotti himself. Besides the boutique shoe store, Minaj headed to Versace where her Young Money associate Drake was manning the turntables and then to YSL, where chaos broke out when overzealous fans crowded around her and screamed upon getting a glimpse at her.

She took to her Twitter to remark on the madness. “Barbz, the President of YSL said we made history tonite for the most pandemonium ever. *kisses the barbz*,” Minaj wrote. “Believe it or not, we’ve driven over 20 blocks and a couple ken barbz r still trailing us. Lmaooo. If this n—- bang my window 1 more time!”

New York’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week kicks off today (Sept. 8) and all the stylish celebrities will be sitting front row at this season’s biggest runway shows to view designers’ Spring 2012 collections first-hand.

But, for every fashion-forward celeb who continuously tops all the best-dressed lists there is a notoriously worst-dressed regular. Even the fashion icons can lets us down, on what we’ll call “stylist’s day off.” In celebration of Fashion Week, we’re taking a look at the best of the worst music celebrity red carpet fashion faux pas of 2011. Check out our photo gallery below!



Cesária Évora, the Cape Verdean singer, has retired from music for health reasons. In an interview with the French newspaper Le Monde she said: “I’m sorry, but now I have to rest. I have no energy. I infinitely regret having had to absent myself because of illness – I would have liked to keep giving pleasure to those who’ve followed me so long.”

Her record label, Lusafrica, said: “Her Paris doctors told her she had to cancel her tour, so Cesária and her producer and manager Jose da Silva decided to end her career, and give up this wandering life that has taken her to the four corners of the world.” Evora has suffered health problems for several years, and had open-heart surgery in May last year following a heart attack.

The Cape Verdean musician has been hailed as one of the world’s greatest “morna” singers. The ballads of loss and homesickness that led to comparisions to Edith Piaf and Billie Holiday are considered the national music of Cape Verde, much as fado is for Portugal.

Evora, 70, began singing in the bars of Mindelo on São Vicente. Her international career only began in 1988 when she was invited to Paris to make a record, La Diva Aux Pieds Nus – which spread her “barefoot diva” nickname worldwide.

By 1995, her Cesária album was released in 20 countries and nominated for a Grammy, and Evora began touring major concert halls across all five continents over the next 15 years. Her UK tour, scheduled for later this year, has been cancelled.Oh!!!! I was so looking forward to seeing her sing on November 18th at the Festival Hall……what a shame….she is a true great….yes… her latest CD, Cesaria Evora and is superb, my favourite being her collaboration with Salif Kieta. Yes SODADE is one of the best songs ever written. Chill out Cesaria, enjoy what you like best to do.