A life of music for Sidney Drew

Posted: November 20, 2016 in Music News

ASHLEY MAIKA/ Northumberland Today Sidney Drew will be retiring from piano after 35 years of playing local churches and choir following her last concert on December 4.

Sidney Drew, 83-year-old accompanist for Choral Legacy Women’s Choir and Rural Faith United Church, will be retiring after more than eight years with Choral Women’s Choir, and 35 with the local churches.

Since moving to the area, Drew had been playing for both Bethesda United Church and Baltimore Church.

Her last concert with Choral Legacy Women’s Choir will be on Dec. 4 and is called Getting in the Mood for Christmas.

Drew said she decided to retire in June, and would stay until Christmas so there would be time to find someone else to play the piano.

She said her reasoning for retiring was for her deterioration of hearing and arthritis in her hands, and the goodbye is bittersweet.

“It’s retiring from 75 years of music really,” said Drew who started practising when she was seven years old.

Before the amalgamation of Baltimore United Church and Bethesda South United Church, Drew would play at both services on Sunday, and practice with the Choral Legacy Women’s Choir on Thursdays.

Now, with her spare time, she wishes to spend it with family, specifically her grandchildren. She hasn’t had as much time with them as she’d like because her schedule really only gave her free time when they were in school.

Drew said that a week ago, after her last time playing at the service for Rural Faith United Church, the congregation had a little surprise for her to say goodbye, complete with food and two of her grandchildren playing the piano for her.

Drew expressed a lot of pride that three of her grandchildren are interested in music, specifically piano.

Although Drew will not be playing anymore for the choir or church, she says she will still be attending the choirs concerts and going to church.

Getting in the Mood for Christmas will be held at Baltimore United Church, 9288 Burwash St. at 2:30 p.m. where tickets are $10 at the door.


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